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Catered Events
Deluxe Brunch Menu
Meats (choose 2)
Baked Sole* Honey Herb Baked Chicken* Sliced Ham*
Fried Whiting* Meatballs w/Mushroom Sauce* Turkey w/Dressing* Scrambled Eggs* Bacon (pork, turkey, beef)* Sausage (pork, turkey, beef)* Salmon Croquettes* Codfish Cakes* Corn Beef Hash
Hot Sides (choose 2)
Home Fries* Hash Browns* Grits w/Cheese* Candied Yams* Yellow Rice*
Herb Roast Red Bliss Potatoes
Vegetables (choose 1)
String Beans* Corn on the Cobb* Broccoli* Corn Pudding* Vegetable Medley* Okra
Cold Sides (choose 1)
Potato Salad* Macaroni Salad* Cole Slaw* Italian Pasta* Caesar Salad*
Mescaline Greens Vinaigrette* Carrot & Raisin Salad
Wraps (choose 2)
Chicken Caesar* Turkey w/dressing* Mexican Chipotle* Black Bean and Chicken* Tuna* Grilled Vegetables* Sliced BBQ Beef & Cheddar* Oriental Vegetable
Pastries (choose 1)
Assorted Muffins* Croissants* Buttermilk Biscuits* Assorted Bagels* Assorted Danish* White/Wheat Bread
Cocktail Menu
Selections (up to 8)
Cocktail Spare Ribs* Mini Franks in a Blanket* Stuffed Mushrooms* Mozzarella Sticks* Mini Assorted Quiche* Chicken Fingers* Mini Egg Rolls* Mozzarella and Tomato Skewers* Butterfly Shrimp+*
Fried Plantains* Miniature Shish-Kebabs (beef or chicken)* Codfish Cakes* Sesame Chicken* Cocktail Patties (beef, chicken or vegetable)* Fried Chicken Wingettes* Jerk Chicken Wingettes* Buffalo Chicken Wingettes* Barbecued Chicken Wingettes* Sweet & Sour Meatballs* Vegetable Crudities* Assorted Cold Cuts* Three Cheeses and Assorted Crackers* Fresh Seasonal Fruit* Sausage and Peppers* Sesame Chicken* Spinach and Potato Puffs* Fried Plantians* Chicken or Beef Wraps* Mozzarella Sticks* Pasta Salad Cocktail* Bacon Wrapped Chicken* Spare Ribs* Codfish Cakes+* Crab Cakes+* Butterfly Shrimp+* Shrimp Scampi+*
+There is a slightly higher charge for these items.
Dinner Menu
Chicken -- Southern Fried Chicken – Baked Chicken - Honey Herb
Roasted Chicken Jerk Chicken - Curry Chicken – Barbecued Chicken -
Stuffed Chicken – Chicken Cordon Bleu

Beef -- Pepper Steak - Pot Roast – Roast Beef Au Jus - Smothered Steak 
- Filet Mignon* - Caribbean-Style Oxtail*
Seafood -- Poached Salmon – Escovishe Fish* - Stuffed Fish - 
Fried or Baked Whiting
Pasta -- Baked Ziti - Spaghetti & Meatball Penne with Vodka Sauce 
- Lasagna (Meat or Vegetable) - Eggplant Parmigiana – Linguine with Red or White Clam Sauce
Others -- Smothered Pork Chops Pineapple - Glazed Ham - 
Stuffed Turkey Curry Goat
Side Dishes (up to 3)
Baked Macaroni and Cheese - Rice Pilaf Candied Yams - 
Yellow Rice - Herb Rice – Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes - Rice and Beans - Rice and Peas - Baked Potatoes Potato
Salad - Macaroni Salad – Pasta Salad - Cole Slaw - Tri-Colored Pasta
Vegetables (up to 2)
Fresh Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey - Fresh Southern String 
Beans with Smoked Turkey - Glazed Carrots - Buttered Corn on
the Cobb - Vegetable Medley - Whole Kernel Corn – Broccoli

(If you choose wedding cake, only 1 choice)
Tiered Wedding Cake - Sheet Cake - Strawberries
and Cream - Apple Cobbler – Peach Cobbler - 
Pound Cake – Assorted Pastries - Cheese Cake - Fresh Fruit
All meals served with a complimentary Green Tossed Salad and Rolls.
+ Indicates an additional charge
**If there are food items or specialty dishes not mentioned here feel free to ask about the possibility of including it
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